Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The journey begins

Life is a rather strange thing.  At one moment you can be in the midst of one world, and in a heart beat you can be thrown into another.  I think, in these moments, the way you deal with the change defines who you are as a person.  

I find myself at a crossroads.  In the past month a relationship ends, I loose my job, and my lease expires.  I stand at a junction and must make a choice:  Do I pick up what's left and continue on looking for another job, and the prospect of working another 8 hour day, 40 hours a week in an office?  Or do I do something a little uncomfortable, something exciting and adventurous, something that will change my perspective on life for the rest of my days?  I think there is no question.   All signs point south.

Right now I'm in Chicago.  Where I was born, my home.  I'm getting ready for a trip I've only dreamed of.  I'm flying into Santiago, Chile,  and two months later I'll be Flying out of Buenos Aires, Argentina.  The plans between then are foggy at best.  For the first part of this journey, I'll be joined by my bandit brother Ryan.  Together we will travel south to the end of the earth, and hopefully return with tales of epic proportion.  At one months end, Ryan will leave, and I will be there solo.  Who know what I will encounter, but I'm sure it will be marvelous.  Stay tuned.  

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