Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Alas, I leave.

It has arrived, the day to leave.  I'm really not as nervous or anxious as I thought I would be.  It feels like it is time to go.  Yesterday snow blanketed the Chicagoland area, and the temps dropped to the mid 20's.  This is definitely not Kip weather.  I've looked up the weather for Santiago,  low 80's for the rest of the week.  I'm excited to go back to another warm location.  

So the bags are packed, the good byes have been said, and the reality of the situation settles in.  I've been talking about going south for about a month now. Doing it is much different than blabbering about it.   The thing I'm worried about most, is that I've forgot to pack something, or will leave something behind.  Losing things is my eternal dilemma. 

I've had a good time here in Chicago, I've been able to spend time with friends and family that I haven't seen in ages.  It feels good to recharge your batteries at home.  It makes the first step of the journey that much easier.  

So now I embark, I leave with a clear mind, and I'm eager to push off.   So many unknown things are about to transpire, I can't wait to experience them all.  Santiago here I come. 


Shelley Szymonik said...

Sorry I missed you while you were in town! I hope you have an exciting and safe journey! Can't wait to see the pics! -Shelley Szymonik (Webb)

judy said...

Wow.....great picture of yourself.
Who was the talented photographer??