Sunday, January 4, 2009

And then we journey north....

After a day of mandatory rest, following our Torres de Paine excursion, Ryan and I had to get out of doge. Unfortunately he has to return back to the states. However, in order to do this we needed to travel by bus to Buenos Aires which is anywhere but close.

Our first stop was the town of Rio Gallegos. Besides being the hub of travel if you're anywhere in the south of Patagonia, this place is a hole. Half built, or half
dilapidated this town is not on anyones must see list. However, we needed to get here before we could head north up the coast.

From here it is 40 hours by bus, no small task, and instead of doing it all in one push, we chose to break it up into two smaller sections. We traveled 20 hours to a place called Puerto Madryn, and stopped for two days. Its here where we made a small journey to Punto Tumbo to see the Penguins.

It took us roughly two hours by car to reach this largest colony of Magelinic penguins in South America. It was certianly a weird experience. Durring the height of the day, alot of them were sleeping standing up, looking like zombies sitting outside of their nests, with the young chicks inside.

However the closer we got to the water the more livley the Penguins became. Watching them waddle around, sqaucking, was a humourous treat. It was really cool, how close you could get to them. I literally had a camera inches away from their faces, and they just stood there patiently, waiting for me to go click. Not all of them were this pleasant though. A couple actually waddled after me, pecking at my feet with fevor! All in all, it was a pleasurable way to spend the afternoon.

Now Penguins are fun, but there was a lot of other down time between Rio Gallegos and Buenos Aires. Walking around the town, we happened to see this sign with an hombre sporting a hefty mustache. Inspired, and with hair to spare, I took the next couple of days to sculpt my own artistic treasures. Each day sporting a more ridiculous look than the next. Finally on the third morning, I woke up, saw myself with the 70's porn stash and decided to take it all off. I could look ridiculous no more.

I'm now in Buenos Aires..... its seems so awesome already. I can't wait to start exploring!


Bill said...

You are too funny you look like some South American Rebel Be careful somone might start shooting !!!

Barry said...

Do I spy a Saz-stache in there?